Citizens of Europe
In March 2011 the European Movement Sussex Branch announced the launch of a new web site for teachers of Citizenship to help them teach about the EU and migration.

On the EU there are facts about how it works, how it has grown and how it affects daily life, together with detailed maps and information on all the member states.

On migration there are facts about asylum seekers, economic migrants, border controls, with individual stories, definitions, and a ‘myths and truth’ quiz.

The information is directly linked to the key concepts and processes within the Citizenship curriculum at Key Stages 3 and 4.

There are fact sheets with links to official websites that ensure the information is current. There is a wide range of class activities, debates, quizzes and role plays with downloadable briefing handouts.
“The aim of the website,” said project leader, Stephen Quigley, “is to provide a flexible teaching tool that can be used for whole class teaching, group work or homework assignments.

“The information will be in an easily accessible form, regularly updated, that will help teachers keep in touch with changes taking place at Brussels and in government policy and public attitudes on migration.”

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