EU sets out the facts behind the media fantasies

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Advertising slogans EU to ban famous advertising slogans
Ambulances Ambulances must turn yellow for Europe
Bananas Goodbye bendy bananas, farewell curved cucumbers, so long chunky carrots
Corgis Corgis to be banned by EU
CVs EU demands standardised CV
Electronic waste Sex toys must be handed in
Euro/Health The euro causes skin diseases & makes you impotent
Hard hats EU forces tightrope walkers to wear hard hats
Home-made cakes Home-made cakes must be labelled with all ingredients
Marmalade EU regulates grandmother's recipe
Pigs EU says pigs must be given toys
Renaming monuments EU to rename Waterloo Station "Europe Station"
Swings Europe says playground swings are too high
Viagra Male EU officials get 6 free viagra tablets per month
Warning signs on mountains EU requires climbers to use scaffolding
Women's clothes EU harmonisation of women's clothes sizes
Yogurt Yogurt to be banned