European Parliament elections
4 June 200

The European Movement

The European Movement in Sussex encourages everybody  to vote in the elections on 4 June.  There has been little media coverage and an insidious drip-feed of suggestion that it does not matter.  But no democracy can work without involving people in trying to understand the issues and then making their preference known. That's where your vote counts.

On 9 May we organised a "Question time" debate, open to the public, offered the opportunity to put key questions to candidates for the major political parties.

The South-East England constituency in 2004
10 seats, 6.1m voters, turnout 36.5%

The South-East is the largest of the UK's Euro constituencies, and at the last election had 10 seats allocated, more than for some European countries. The electoral region covers 83 parliamentary constituencies in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex, and Kent.

MEPs elected in 2004

Richard Ashworth
Sharon Bowles
(mandate from May 2005)
Nirj Deva
James Elles
Nigel Farage
Daniel Hannan
Chris Huhne

(mandate ended May 2005)
Caroline Lucas
Ashley Mote
Emma Nicholson
Peter Skinner

Liberal Democrat
Liberal Democrat
Liberal Democrat

The highlighted links above are to the VoteWatch database showing MEP alignment, committee work and voting record.

Also on this page is a link to a useful analysis of the European Parliament party groupings and their policies.

Europe is ours!  Make sure we play our part …

Policies of the 5 parties with MEPs


Protecting the environment Conservative MEPs are committed to tackling climate change and enhancing the quality of the environment in the UK, Europe and the wider world. We are working towards a truly low carbon economy and are committed to increasing energy efficiency and improving our energy security.

Promoting animal welfare  Conservative MEPs place a high priority on animal welfare and this has always been a core concern of our constituents. We have campaigned vigorously and successfully for an EU wide ban on dog and cat fur imports, to end dolphin deaths from trawler nets and we are coordinating the tightening of EU-wide animal testing rules.

Protecting the UK opt-out of the Working Time Directive   Conservative MEPs have campaigned to protect the UK's all important opt-out of the EU's Working Time Directive. If the opt-out was removed the working week in the UK would have been restricted to a maximum of 48 hours.

Fighting for a referendum on the EU Constitution  Conservative MEPs support a Europe of Nation States and reject a European Superstate. We want a Europe that values the diversity of the 27 Member States.

More info about Conservatives in Europe


Caroline Lucas writes: The Green Group is an effective group in the European Parliament and a powerful voice for justice, equality and putting people before profits. So I was delighted to join with other European election candidates at Dorothy Stringer school to explore the positive role the EU can play, as well as to identify where we believe it is going in the wrong direction. There is huge potential for the EU to really deliver when it comes to issues like workers rights, the environment and fair trade. Greens are at the forefront of pushing for progressive policies in these areas, which should be at the top of the EU's agenda. However, we strongly oppose the EU's promotion of the privatisation of public services, as well as its aggressive international trade policy, and we are against the militarisation of the EU. Greens are in the forefront of efforts to clean up Brussels bureaucracy, and to enforce a transparent and honest system for MEP expenses. It is vital that committed, hard-working MEPs are elected on 4 June - even more so, when the economic and environmental crises we face at present need urgent and joined up action – to create jobs, for example, whilst simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Greens are working hard to change what is wrong with the EU and take advantage of the opportunities to do good.

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Labour MEPs are your voice in Europe. They work hard for you in Europe to achieve fairness, equality, prosperity and social justice in a fast changing and modern world. They have the policies to win the fight for Britain's future. MEPs spend a large amount of their time in the European Parliament working on specialised committees to scrutinise and amend proposals for new EU laws.

Building a better Europe   In the 21st Century we face new and unprecedented global challenges, from tackling climate change, to fighting international terrorism and sustaining growth and jobs in the face of changing global economic conditions. We will need an EU that is equipped with the tools to tackle these challenges.

Consumer rights   British people have won major gains from new EU consumer laws. From buying cars, to shopping by mail order or online, Labour MEPs have been at the forefront of new laws to protect and improve your rights as a consumer.

Environment and transport   Labour MEPs have been leading global efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and tackle climate change. By being "first movers" on climate change, Labour MEPs are pushing for an EU that creates new "green jobs".

Equality   Labour MEPs campaign for a Europe that is an equal, inclusive society where there is opportunity for every citizen regardless of gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, race, religion or belief. Labour MEPs campaign at a local, national and international level, using our close links with MEPs from across Europe to combat this growing problem.

Europe in the World   Labour in Europe is committed to the international coordination of humanitarian efforts, an ethical foreign policy and peace-building. No European state can face the international challenges ahead by acting within its national borders. As an alliance of 27 Member States, the EU’s 'soft' power - in the form of economic sanctions, trade agreements and diplomacy - continues to exert a positive influence on the world.

Health   Labour MEPs have campaigned at European level to protect your health at all levels – food additives, dangerous chemicals at work, free emergency hospital treatment throughout the EU.

Prosperity and work   Labour MEPs have worked hard in the European Parliament to create jobs and strengthen your rights at work. When the Labour Government came to power in 1997, one of its first actions was to sign up to the 'Social Chapter' of the European Treaty.

Labour in Europe

Liberal Democrat

International action for jobs and businesses  Lib Dems are working with our European neighbours to boost trade, create new jobs and get the banks under control.

International action for our environment  Climate change knows no borders, so Liberal Democrats want Britain to work with other European countries to protect our environment. Lib Dems have taken the lead in fighting climate change, cleaning up our air and water and reducing use of harmful chemicals.

International action on crime The Lib Dems believe Britain should work with our neighbours in Europe to tackle organised crime, sex slavery and drug smuggling, and supporting the fight against child exploitation - backing initiatives such as the amber alert system which helps find missing children.

Liberal Democrat Manifesto


ukip_logo.jpg (8619 bytes)

The UK Independence Party believes that the UK should withdraw from the European Union and that our membership should be replaced with a genuine free trade agreement.  We want friendship and free trade with our European neighbours – not political union.

Jobs   Our membership of the European Union is already costing jobs in the UK. Major construction projects now hire many of their staff overseas.
Immigration   The only people who should decide who can come to live, work and settle in Britain should be the British people themselves.
Trade   The UK has one of the largest economies in the world. We are an international trading nation, not just a European one.
Agriculture & Fisheries  Leaving the EU will allow us to regain control and put British interests ahead of European interests.
The EU Constitution  The British people were promised a referendum on the EU Constitution, now the Government has reneged on this promise.

UKIP website for the South-East

9 May 2009
Seminar and European election event
held at Dorothy Stringer School, Loder Road, Brighton

an afternoon "Question time" debate, open to the public, offered the opportunity to put key questions to candidates for the major political parties standing in the European Parliamentary elections to be held on Thursday 4 June.

click here to read a summary of the debate

Know what you're voting for
An analysis of the manifestos of the political parties in the European Parliament

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This PDF document contains a grid (pp.7-11) showing main points of policy on key issues, then goes on to summarise and assess the declared policies of the 4 main groupings in the European Parliament.

The VoteWatch database
.eu is an independent monitoring website of EU politics. It provides detailed information about parliamentarians' voting records and formal political activities – from committee work to parliamentary reports – and includes easy-to-access information on the political coalitions that are formed around policy issues.

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