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The European Movement

Encouraging local communities in Britain to play a leading role in a strong, democratic and reformed Europe.  The European Movement was formed originally in 1948 by Sir Winston Churchill.  The movement has no political party affiliation.

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The Sussex branch is one of ten in the south-east, and covers both East and West Sussex - there is also a separate branch set up in Eastbourne.


Chair: Kate Evans
Secretary: Betty Rider

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Saturday 28 February
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afternoons, normally every 3rd Saturday of the month

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The 2014 Annual Seminar
Reforming the EU
was held on 8 April 2014.
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Tuesday 8 April 2014
Deans Place Hotel, Alfriston

Reforming the EU

We timed this year’s seminar, our third at Deans Place, with the imminent euro-elections in mind. The consequences of the results are likely to influence much that is to come.

The day started with an assessment of the UK’s longer-term interests within the EU framework, with the sensitive issues for the country that this involves tackled by Alan Mayhew. The focus shifted after lunch to the European Parliament, with two ‘insiders’, South-East MEP Richard Ashworth and EP election candidate Antony Hook, arguing from their differing viewpoints for the changes to the institutions and practices that they saw as desirable.

The UK's longer-term interests
Professor Alan Mayhew
Jean Monnet Professor - Sussex European Institute, University of Sussex.
An economist by training, Alan Mayhew heads a Europe-wide research programme
and is an adviser to the EC as well as a number of EU governments.

Changes to EU institutions and practices?
Richard Ashworth
MEP SE Region (Conservative) since 2004; ECR Group Coordinator on Budgets Committee;
member Agriculture Committee; former Leader UK Conservative MEPs;
member Policy Challenges Committee 2005-09; lifelong professional farming interest and involvement;
former Chair Plumpton College

Antony Hook
Lib Dem EP candidate in the SE Region.
[Antony Hook replaced Catherine Bearder MEP, who had been detained in Brussels.]

Speakers with the seminar organisers 8 April 2014

The next five years - Europe versus the UK ?
Read more about what was said at the May 2013 seminar

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From our archive you can also see notes on what was said at lunch and dinner events which previously focussed on the country holding the Presidency of the EU Council:
United Kingdom - Sir Stephen Wall
Austria - Eveline Jamek, attaché for EU Affairs at the Austrian Embassy
Finland - Alexander Stubb, Finnish MEP
Germany - Michael Siebert, deputy head of the Political Section at the German Embassy

Portugal - Israel Saraiva, First Secretary at the Portuguese Embassy
Slovenia - Francis King, formerly head of the British Council in Ljubljana
France - Diégo Colas, Conseiller politique - Ambassade de France à Londres
Czech Republic - Zdeněk Kavan, Lecturer in Development Studies & International Relations
Sweden - Per Augustsson, Deputy Head of Mission at the Swedish Embassy

European events in neighbouring areas

This panel shows events in Kent, London and Surrey which might be interesting for members from Sussex.  We also list separately events planned by the Eastbourne branch.


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