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The European Movement

Encouraging local communities in Britain to play a leading role in a strong, democratic and reformed Europe.  The European Movement was formed originally in 1948 by Sir Winston Churchill.  The movement has no political party affiliation.

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Sussex branch

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The Sussex branch is one of ten in the south-east, and covers both East and West Sussex - there is also a separate branch set up in Eastbourne.


Chair: Kate Evans
Secretary: Betty Rider

Europe Matters
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Saturday 18 January 2014, 11.15 am
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Sussex branch stall
at the Jubilee Library

afternoons, normally every 3rd Saturday of the month

16 January 2014
Investing for Growth
28 February 2014
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The Annual Seminar
held on 9 May 2013
Sussex branch AGM

held on 30 November 2013
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The 2013 AGM was held on Saturday 30 November 2013
at St Pancras Catholic Church Hall, Irelands Lane, Lewes

Before the AGM
Roxana Mihaila is a Romanian national, completing a DPhil at the Sussex European Institute at the University of Sussex . Her research is attempting to establish precisely the impact of national party politics on the mechanisms of the EU. She will present a summary of her work to date and would be happy to discuss and hear members' views on this issue.

Sussex branch Annual General Meeting
held on
Saturday 30 November 2013 at 1230 pm
in St Pancras Catholic Church Hall, Irelands Lane, Lewes,
East Sussex BN7 1QX

1. Minutes of the 2012 AGM (link below)
2. Chairman’s report for the year 2013 (link below)
3. Jubilee Library report
4. Cricketers’ discussion group report – Gisela Hendriks
5. Treasurer’s report – Christopher Jones
6. Election of officers and committee for 2013-14
The following had been nominated and were elected as officers and members of the Committee.

Chairman - Kate Evans
Secretary - Betty Rider
Treasurer - Christopher Jones
Members -

Illa Hayward
Oliver Hayward
Gisela Hendriks

Charlotte Sabel
Martin Toomey
Martin Vasey
7. Adoption of assessor for the accounts
8. Any other business

After the AGM there was a report from Sarah Leigh on the proceedings of the National Annual General Meeting in London on 12 October 2013.

Stephen Quigley then presented an idea for a Summer School weekend in 2015, to prepare for a possible Referendum in 2017.

Read the Minutes of the 2012 AGM (pdf)
Read the Chairman's report for 2012-13 (pdf)

This year's
Europe Day seminar

The next five years - Europe versus the UK ? Michael Rider chairs questions following Nathaniel Copsey's presentation

Michael Rider chairs questions following Nathaniel Copsey's presentation

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Thursday 9 May 2013
Deans Place Hotel, Alfriston

The next five years - Europe versus the UK ?

Since our Europe Day Seminar 2012 in Alfriston the volatility of EU/UK relations continues apace, oscillating between truculent abrasiveness and conciliatory alliance building.  The political - if not economic - success of the reduced EU budget needed a show of engaged leadership and purposeful negotiation, so some positives in the UK stance.  An in-out referendum is now pencilled in, triggering at least the start of serious debate - timely too for the EP elections in 2014.  The major parties are still divided, and the popular media remain fixated on the one-man UKIP message, though there is evidence the electorate is getting bored with ‘Europe’.  Elsewhere in spite of gruelling social damage there are at last greenish shoots in the €urozone.  And as so often in the past the geopolitical logic of events still requires, but does not always get, coherence and unity of purpose in the Union’s responses.

The main themes for the day were: Where do the UK’s real interests lie? What reforms for ‘Brussels’?  How do we change the hostile perceptions?

Rethinking European Integration
Dr Nathaniel Copsey

Co-Director, Centre for Europe, University of Aston;
MA College of Europe; D.Phil Sussex European Institute

The UK`s real interest – inside or outside the EU?
Sir Stephen Wall
Vice Chair Business for New Europe;
Ambassador and UK Permanent Representative to EU 1995 – 2000;
EU Adviser to the Prime Minister 2000-2004

How to reach the man in the street
Stephen Quigley
Team leader - Citizens of Europe and EU4real ;
Training consultant - EU for local government;
Conference Director for Chatham House - Celebrating EU 50

From our archive you can see notes on what was said at lunch and dinner events that previously focussed on the country holding the Presidency of the EU Council:
United Kingdom - Sir Stephen Wall
Austria - Eveline Jamek, attaché for EU Affairs at the Austrian Embassy
Finland - Alexander Stubb, Finnish MEP
Germany - Michael Siebert, deputy head of the Political Section at the German Embassy

Portugal - Israel Saraiva, First Secretary at the Portuguese Embassy
Slovenia - Francis King, formerly head of the British Council in Ljubljana
France - Diégo Colas, Conseiller politique - Ambassade de France à Londres
Czech Republic - Zdeněk Kavan, Lecturer in Development Studies & International Relations
Sweden - Per Augustsson, Deputy Head of Mission at the Swedish Embassy

European events in neighbouring areas

This panel often shows events in Kent, London and Surrey which might be interesting for members from Sussex.  We also list separately events planned by the Eastbourne branch.

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